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A cooking and colouring book

Sweet is a cross between a dessert cookbook and a colouring book. Each recipe has a full-page black and white line drawing of the dessert that is being made. The idea behind this is that the user can colour in the picture while waiting for their dessert to bake or while they are enjoying their sweet treat. 

By allowing the user to colour in each treat as they make it, the book ends up being unique to each person or family who uses it. Children can express their creativity while also documenting the unique memories and nostalgia that come with baking. There are no limits on how the images are coloured in, although a colour reference for every dessert is provided in each section’s opening spread.

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Most children love to bake with their parents, so why not make that experience even more exciting? Incorporating colouring into this process allows the adult to have a good distraction when they need to do some of the steps that aren’t as exciting or child-friendly, while simultaneously allowing the child to create long-lasting documentation of the experience. Even if you’re an adult with no children, many people have very fond memories from their childhood of both baking and colouring books, which makes Sweet an exciting nostalgic experience.

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The colour palette for Sweet is light and playful, using mainly pastel colours. The predominantly red and pink tones are complemented by the light blue and mint green. This colour palette makes reference to vintage kitchen interior designs and appliances.


The primary typeface, used for titles and page numbering, is inspired by 70's vintage style. Customizations have been made on the title in order to add to the visually compelling and playful aesthetic. The secondary typeface is Avenir next, which is used for the subtitles and body text. It complements the primary typeface and communicates the necessary information without being overpowering.

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The patterns used in Sweet consist of mainly food items which are arranged in a scattered pattern. The cover page uses a striped pattern which mimics a vintage apron. All patterns are hand-drawn using Procreate.

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